We got our photographs from Flash! today.  I find it almost sad how ridiculously excited I was to pick them up.  After and hour and a half taking the photos on Friday, then the two and a half hours picking them out Monday, I have put waaay to much time into these darn portraits! 

Do I not have the cutest little girl ever!!  I had intended to get a lot of photos in the bassinet like I did when Corbin was a baby…

Vintage Corbin

We did a few of her in the same bassinet, but I ended up *loving* the naked baby pictures so much more!!

You be the judge.

We are still waiting for our large framed gallery image.  I think m husband feels overwhelmed by the money we have spent in this portraits.  Now I am off the the Michael’s website to see if there are any frames 50% of this week.  If you have ever been into my home, and seen the “Corbin shrine”, you would know what a sickness this is.  How am I ever going to have a proper shrine to not one, but two babies???