I have vowed that I am going to cook more.  Really.  We got all of these wonderful kitchen items as wedding presents.  We have everything one would need to bake or cook.  Six months later most of it never gets used.  So today I decided that Corbin and I were going to learn how to make cookies…..from scratch.  Scary.

Putting the shortening into the measuring cup.  Next came a part that involved the mixer.  Corbin left the room for that part.

Dumping the sugar in the bowl.  He was screaming to my dad in the other room “Brampa….I doing it….I makin cookies!”

Stir it up!

Corbin does not like to get his hands dirty!  It took a while to convince him to roll the dough.

He really was not sure about licking the beaters.  It took him a while to give it a try.  Grandpa had to show him how first and convince him that it was not “yucky”.

The final product!  Tasted pretty good.  Not bad for our first shot at baking.  I think from now on I will tackle cooking on my own….