Corbin has always been full of energy, which often times makes him a *huge* handful.   His energeticness has been getting him in trouble lately.  We have been having serious issues getting him to go to bed.  So I decided to try somthing new.  When Eleanor was born we had bought him a piggy bank to help him learn money management.  It’s a skill I lack (yes I know I work in finance…I know to invest….I don’t know how to save). 

He loved putting the stickers on it and filling it with “monies”.  I taught him how we need to save our money for different things.  What stuck in his head was that we take our money to “vest in the stock market”.  It occured to me that instead of letting him simply steal all of Ben’s spare change (hee hee) to fill piggy, there was a better way of going about this.

Enter the Responsibility Chart.

It came with all of these magnets with different “responsibilities”.  I loved that we could allow this to grow with him.  Right now his board has things like going to bed, picking up toys, and stop whining.  Oh how I would love it if he would stop whining.  So each day that he acomplishes these goals he gets a smiley magnet in that spot.  We decided each smiley would be worth a dime.  He can take that money and put it into the different slots in his bank.  He could also take the money out of the spend section to buy a truck at Target.

So we sat down and put together the chart and a calender to go with it.

He seems really excited to get smileys!!

So we are going to start it tomorrow and see how it goes.

We hung both up in the family room tonight and reminded him how he can get smileys.

Sorry, forgot to rotate it!  You get the idea.