I had a really close friend in college named Stephanie.  We were very close at that time. 

 Us in our apartment in college.

Our friendship came to end about three and half years ago due to my stupidity and bad choices.  It took me about two and half years to call her and tell I was sorry.  I was lucky enough that she came into town for my wedding (and made me cry when I was taking my pre-ceremony pics) even though I was not at hers.  We are both so busy and never have to time talk.  But I love her and miss her very much.   So the day I got home from the hospital after giving birth to Eleanor I had a box at my door.  It was a quilt that Steph had made for the baby.  I got a lot of neat gifts from a lot of generous people.  This wasn’t even her only quilt (my grandma made one as well), but this one was the most special to me. 

 Here is Eleanor at 10 weeks laying on her quilt. 

 So Eleanor says “Thank you Aunt Stephanie!  I can’t wait to meet you!!!”