I bought a couple of cloth diapers on Etsy to give them a try.  So I used them both tonight.  I haven’t decided what I think yet, but they do look cute on her rear!!

My little baby in her huge diaper!

The other one has a cute Halloween pattern.  It did not come with the soaker in it.  I didn’t realize that as I know nothing about cloth diapers.  She leaked all over herself and her swing!  I will try to get a pic of the halloween one another day.  They are both AIO.  One had velcro and one has snaps.  They were both really easy to put on.  The cleaning part is what remains to be seen.  I think the first “dirty” diaper will be the deciding factor.  That, and these suckers are pricey.  I don’t think you really save *that* much money cloth diapering.  I do think it is much better for the enviroment.

When I think about it.  I stopped using cleaners and only use vinegar and baking soda.  I didn’t want my kids inhaling the chemicals.

I stopped buying processed food (for the most part) and am attempting everything from scratch.  I think this is better for my family.

Wouldn’t this be another choice that is good for my daughter?  We’ll see…