I have been having a lot of conversationswith friends lately about babies and giving birth to them.  Obviously I have a 12 1/2 week old baby…the conversation comes up.  It has lead me to think of the differences in my two birth stories…and the similarities.  So here is part one of the story of how I became a mother.

Corbin Dalton’s Birth Story

Corbin was born on March 2, 2005.  I was 22.  It’s funny how much of that time is fuzzy and how much is so clear.  I am hoping that I can remember enough details to get it all down.  It would be nice if I could show it to Corbin someday.

I was due on February 25.  My womb is apparently much too cozy and I was sitting on a bar stool at Tanner’s celebrating a close friends 30th birthday that night instead of delivering a baby.  That next Wednesday I went to see Dr Batty.  He was not going to induce until 42 weeks.  He is not a fan of early inductions…after doing my research I am not either.  On this visit I had a sono just to be certain everything was okay.  It wasn’t.  I apparently had completely run out of fluid.  I was scheduled to come in to Shawnee Mission that night. 

I got there at 6pm as Dr. Batty had scheduled.  He had left orders for them to start the cervidil.  Apparently they were unable to locate the orders so they paged the Dr on call in the practice.  This Dr was not alright with giving the orders and was trying to locate Batty.  I think he was at a KU game or something equally silly that night.  They finally got a hold of him around midnight and were able to start the cervidil.  Fun night of hanging out in a hospital gown.

The plan was to use the cervidil until 6 am and then they would start the pitocin.  It never came to that.  Within an hour of the cervidil I began having horrible contractions.  I could not move.  I would try to walk, try to shower, try to roll over and nothing helped.  I had about three seconds between each contraction.  I was only dilated to a 2, but was in considerable pain.  I started having panic attacks.  My L&D nurse (who was awesome) decided to go ahead with the epidural in an effort to ease my pain and help me and the baby.  He wasn’t getting enough oxygen due to the intensity of the contractions. 

I wish I could remember that hour more clearly.  I think that even if I wrote this in the days after he was born I would not be able to.  It was such a fuzzy, painful moment in time. 

The anesthesiologist came in and I remember them having a hard time.  They want to give you the epi when you are not contracting, but that was not possible.  I remember my mom holding me and the epi hurting sooo bad.  Then the pain began to subside.  As I laid down I realized there was a part of my right lower abdomen that I could still feel everything.  So I got another dose from the anesthesiologist

.  At that point I could feel nothing…and I do mean nothing.  I was very giddy and happy. 

At this point time flew and I really don’t have any memories.  Next thing I know it is after 5 am.  The nurse is telling me I am dilated to a 10.  They are waiting for Dr Batty to come in and we will start to push.  This is the point where I got nauseous and the chicken soup they let me eat after midnight come ups…..violently.  Dr Batty walks in….pissed that the nurses were too incompetent to follow directions and lost his order.  He was then pissed that they fed me that late

Now as we get to the point where I need to push I tell my nurse that I never took a L&D class.  She tells me that they are mainly as waste of time and walks me through how I need to push.  I can’t feel my legs, or anything else below the epidural.   The nurse and Corbin’s dad have to hold my legs up for me.  I cannot feel any of my pushes.  Dr. Batty tells me I need to push down.  I laugh at him, I have noooo way to control how a I push.  This is probably why he opts to give me an episiotomy.  He also has to use forceps to get Corbin out.  At 6:02 am I finally give birth to my firstborn child.

I cannot describe what it felt like when the Dr put my baby on my stomach.  All that waiting and wondering what he would look like and there he was.

Looking back I was so young.  But Corbin was a good baby.  I had a couple weeks of colic, but that was the worst of it.  He slept through the night by three weeks.  He was usually very content.  He didn’t get sick a lot.  He was (and still is) my beautiful baby boy.