Toddys got me!


5 Joys
1. Corbin and Eleanor 

2. Hanging out with friends, gin and tonic in hand
3. Shopping
4. Reading a good book or one of the three mags I subscribe to (Time, Real Simple, In Style)
5. Anything and everything involving the fall
5 Fears
1. something bad happening to my babies
2. always struggling financially
3. never being thin again
4. my babies not having wonderful lives
5. that one day my husband will have to go back into the Army

5 Obsessions
1. dressing my babies
2. my DVR

3. MM nesting!  RBing!
4. money and investments….good thing I do it for a living!
5. my new one is my Wii Fit
5 Surprising Facts
1. My stepdad adopted me when I was six.  I was born with the last name Channell

2. I had a crush on Ben for like five minutes in high school

3. I hoard toothpaste, toothburshes, and toilet paper.  It is a sickness.  There was one point that everytime you opened the hall closet Charmin attacked you.

4. I refuse to have people over unless my house is spotless…candles lit….guest towels out
5. I have to sleep in total darkness.  I wear a sleepmask and still have to have the red time on the alarm clock covered.

Ok, now passing the torch on tooooooooo….

1. Weezer



4.Mrs. Bones