A conversation with the nesties tonight triggered a thought in my mind.  Perhaps it was watching “A Charlie Brown Christmas” with both my kids that has me feeling slightly sappy.  But it is my blog and I an be as sappy as I want :-).  So here it is.  A list of all the reasons I would not trade having kids for anything.  I really am lucky to have two pretty babies.  I can’t imagine life without kids.

Baby toes

The way babies position their arms when they sleep

When your 13 month old learns to put together a puzzle.  He clapped and laughed for 10 minutes.

The way Corbin says “my mommy pitty” (he meant pretty….I think)

The first cry….bar none

When you son informs you that he is going to grow up to have a baby in his tummy

The way a four month old puckers her lip to cry

The way the same four month old’s face lights up every time she sees you….even out of the corner of her eye

Four words “I love you mommy”

Realizing you are responsible for the upbringing of a really, really intelligent boy

Buying Christmas presents and letting Santa get the credit

The ticked off look babies get on their face the first time they try cereal

That lavender baby shampoo….I wish I could wash my hair in it

When you son dances around in Thomas the Tank Engine underwear….like a Chippendale dancer

When you have a bad day and your son accidently sees a tear on your face and says “You mad at me mommy. I was on green at school today.  So you would smile”

Oh and let’s not forget….being able to drop them off at Grandma and Grandpa’s at the drop of a hat when I am needing to feel like an grown adult!



So the best things in life certainly aren’t free!  But worth the stretch marks…