So 2008 began with a sleepover on the floor of our family room.  I fell asleep before Corbin.  On February 9th Ben and I got married at the church I spend the vast majority of my childhood in.  I wish my Grandma Corbin had been alive to see it. 


Feburary was also the official change of A.G. Edwards to Wachovia Securities.  So my business cards and e-mail address changed 3 times! 

On March 2 my baby, Corbin Dalton Glaser, turned three.


On March 9th, his 65th wedding anniversary, my Grandpa Kelley died.  Corbin did well understanding the death of his “pappy”.  Although he does not understand why we put his body in the ground if Jesus lives up in the sky.  But the music played my the American Legion men distracted him. 


Also in March, Ben and I went on our honeymoon.  We went on a Caribbean cruise.  I was 26 weeks pregnant, but still had a good time.  I learned that there are waaay too many places to buy diamonds and tacky jewelry.  I also learned that the beach is fun, but not my thing.  It is a good thing I come from Kansas.



(Us at a bar in St. Thomas)

Our only other trip was a weekend in Iowa.  Long drive for a very pregnant woman.  Long weekend of nothing but football.  Ben likes to drive up there is visit a good friend of his from his Army days. 



(Corbin with Cody and Tanner.  Their mom, Mandi, took this photo and some other neat ones of Corbin!)

In June 30,2008 brought Eleanor Jeanette Roberts.  This is the same day my grandma, Lois Jeanette Wilson Corbin, was born back in 1925.  Since me and Eleanor share her middle name, I found it fitting. 



So I spent the summer home with my kids.  Corbin took a couple weeks of from Canterbury Academy to spend time with his new sister.  He also filled his summer with soccer camp, swim lesson, and dance camp. 

The summer also brought on my desire to learn to cook.  Since then we have done extremely well in the banishment of processed foods from our home.  I have learned to make pretty much anything from scratch (as displayed here in my blog). 

October brought a turbulant stock market, which is news to no one. It made for interesting times in my career.  Wachovia was caught in a tug of war with Citi (who did not want the securities division) and Wells Fargo.  Wells Fargo won out and in the next couple of months my company will have a new name.  It has not yet been decided what that name will be.  Do not fret, they have hired a consulting company to help with that decision. <insert eye roll here>  So our clients were  losing 50% of their portfolios and had no clue if our doors were going to stay open.  Not for the faint of heart 🙂

November brought the discovery that my Grandma Kelley (Corbin’s omie) has Stage 4 lymphoma.  She is going through Chemotherapy and we were unable to see her over Christmas due to our colds.


On December 9th Eleanor had her baby blessing.  My mom made her and amazing dress!  I was sad that we were unable to have her blessing at Countryside like we did with Corbin (the same church we were married in).  Mom now works at a very tiny church about an hour a way in St. Joseph, MO. 


Next week Eleanor will turn 6 months old.  Ben will decide if he wants to remain at the University of Kansas to finish his undergraduate degree or go in another direction.  I have a feeling next year will be just as busy as this one…  God Bless and Happy New Year!