Saturday we took Corbin to Sprint Center for Sesame Street Live, Elmo’s Green Thumb.  He said “Elmo’s thumb is green?  Does he suck his thumb like me??”




I take comfort in that fact that Corbin got bored half way through.

After we walked to Raglan Road for lunch.  It was restaurant week and Ben has been wanting to try them.






I had the Shepard’s Pie.  I did not care for it.  The sauce was much too bitter.



Ben had a steak sandwich that was very good.

Corbin got the grilled cheese and chips.  They made the grilled cheese with munster.  For a kids menu.  I ask Ben why they did not use cheddar.  “That’s not Irish”.  Well neither I am, but my maiden name is Kelley.  Call it O’Cheddar.  Anyway, he loved the chips and the ice cream.


See.  He looks distressed by the cheese situation.