I am completing my first week on the WW program.  If my many “cheat” weigh-ins are any indication.  The scale is not going to make me happy tomorrow morning.  Since tomorrow is my anniversary I going to be ticked if my scale starts my day off crappy.

I know I should stay off the scale during the week.  I just can’t.  Those who know me know that I have no patience.  None.  Nada.  Earlier in the week it was looking like a two pound loss.  Tonight is looking like almost a one pound gain.  I don’t get it.  Sort of at my wits end over here.

I have been dieting since August.  Over five months.  In that five months I have lost around 10 pounds.  That was all lost before mid-November.  So what has my body been doing since then?  I am thinking I need to up the work-outs.  Now I just need to find the time…

Who knows? Maybe the scale will make me happy in the morning.  *sigh*