Let’s recap the busy week I had.  Oy.

Monday- McCormick & Schmick

Wendsday-Made red velvet cupcakes

Thursday-at another red velvet cupcake

Friday- yet another cupcake and dinner at Bristol (mmm….lobster ravioli)

Saturday- Pizza and more of that damn red velvet.  And a bottle of wine.

Sunday- costco and the movies…no good can come of either one.

So why did I expect to lose weight at all?  I even went over my weekly points by 2.5.  If I had worked out more than twice this week maybe that would have not been the case.

The results?  +0.4

This knocks down my total weight loss to -2.8.


So my goals for the upcoming week?  Workout at least three times (baby steps), if we get nice enough weather then take the kids for a walk at least once, and don’t use all of my weekly points.