I am old.  What you see before you is my Saturday night.  I was wicked excited about it.  Corbin was at his dad’s this weekend.  I had a girls night planned and Ben had a guys night.  My girls night got cancelled.  So I made better plans:-)



We went to Whole Foods and picked up remenants of different cheese.  We also bought sun dried tomatoes and caper berries.  I chopped them up and mized with goat cheese.  Yum! 



I have a magazine ripping issue.  Once Corbin was reading a toy catalog that came into the mail.  He suddenly ripped a page in half.  I got upset and asked him why he did that.  He looked at me, shocked, and said “I readin like you Mommy”. So I amass these recipes that need to me added to my book.  While watching 8 episodes of Big Love I did just that.






Magazines to catch up.  This weeks time, this months Alumni magazine for K-State.  My book for book club….which is the 19th and I still have over half to go.  It is not doing it for me.



But of course I was not completely alone.  She like Big Love as well.  And the remote.  The remote is very chewable.