So I started my diet on Sept 1 last year.  By Dec I was down 15 lbs to 175.  I did not lose or gain over the holidays.  I was okay with that.  You read my blog, you know what I was baking.  So in Jan I tried to lose weight again.  Somehow I gained 5.  I was back up to 180.  That was when I joined Weight Watchers.   Let me put this into a bit of perspective for you.  The day I was induced with Corbin, with massive amounts of swelling, I weighed 188.  The day I found I was pregnant with Corbin I weighed126.   I tell you this to explain what I consider normal for me.  The day I found out I was pregnant with Eleanor I weighed 155.  I had gained 20 lbs the previous year while dating Ben.  We liked to eat the yummy Chinese at Pine and Bamboo a little too much.  We drank a little too much.  So I had just begun weight loss mode when I found out about Eleanor.  So I feel like I have been fat for waaay too long.  I don’t expect 126.  I am shooting for 135. 

So this brings me to today’s weigh in.  I was down 2 lb from last week to bring me to 173.4.  A total of 6.6 pounds in 7 weeks.  Since WW considers .5-2 lbs normal I am pretty happy with that.  So I am now the thinnest I have been since having Eleanor.


Oh, and the size 12 pants are getting big and the 10’s are starting to fit.  Considering the majority of my closet it 4-6 I have a ways to go….