My first date with Ben was a trick.  He tricked me.  I had no clue it was a date.  He had been in the Army for four years.  I had no clue he had even left Shawnee, much less spent the past four years in Louisiana as a Medic.  I found him on My Space and I thought we were two friends catching up.  I was wrong.  I found out that night that my friend from high school had liked me since I was 14.  I never knew.

So anyway, that was the first time I had sushi. Loved it.  Ben proposed at that same restaurant.  We registered for all the tools to make our own sushi.  Last Friday we finally used them.  We went to Whole Foods and bought fish.  I recommend them. Much cheaper than Dean & Delucca.


I used the rice cooker to make the rice.  It was very easy that way.  It was a bit gooey, but I love gooey carby goodness. 


This one has shrimp, tuna, avacado, and cucumber.  Regular maki roll.


This is the inside out roll (my fave) with salmon, tuna, wasabi (too much!) cucumber and avacado.

We bought too much fish and made too much rice!!  I think if we do this again without friends over to share we will buy one type of fish.  I was glad I did not buy all the fish I needed to make my favorite, the rainbow roll.