I found out about this website from a friend and decided to try it.  We went with the medium mixed box for our first time around.  It was a lot of stuff!


Since we mainly cook from scratch this is really about the perfect size for us.  We are getting it bi-weekly right now.  We will see how much we have to supplement from the store.  The best part was that we were able to choose what came in the box.  On Sunday night they e-mailed the list for our box that would come on Friday.  I had already edited the account settings so we would never receive certain items we did not want (like we already have a rosemary plant, so I don’t ever need that).  Once the actual list came I still was allowed to substiute up to three items.  This week sage was on there, but we currently don’t need it so I switched for an avacado that I knew we could use.  Once I had this list I was able to find recipes that used the produce we were getting.  Here is our menu for the week:

Monday-BBQ chicken with grilled sweet potatoes (using the sweet potatoes, the others will become slightly mashed and fed to Eleanor)

Tuesday- Seared Salmon with avacado, shrimp, and mango (using the avacado and the mango)

Wednesday-Broiled Grapefruit (keeping it light as the next morning is weigh-in and trying something new with grapefruit as it is not my favorite.  Ben loves it though so it will get eaten regardless.  Him and Corbin ate one yesterday morning for breakfast)

Thurs-Roasted Cabbage Rolls (uses the cabbage, uses bacon from out meat CSA, uses the kales as well)

Friday- Lamb shanks with olives and capers (does not use anything from this box, but we have so much lamb from our meat CSA needed to start eating it!)

I am also going to make salads tonight for lunches using some of the items. 

The best part?  We only needed green onions and bananas as far as produce goes from the store this week.  We often spend $50-$75 a week on produce.  This box was $38.  I am also hoping to stretch the box 2 weeks.  That is a pretty good savings *and* we are eating organic.