So I have slacked off on Week #12 and #13.  Little recap:

Week 12 was a 0.4 lb loss.  I was a bit disappointed as 0.5 to 2 lbs in “normal”.  But a loss is a loss.  So I moved on.

Week 13 was a 2.2 lb loss! This brings me to 13.2 lbs lost since I joined Weight Watchers at the beginning of Feb!  My average is only 1.2 lbs a week, but I have had steady losses.  That is better than nothing. 

So this week should be interesting.  I went over my points this weekend…..badly.  I have not really worked out this week.  I think I needed a small workout break.  Hopefully I will not be as happy with the scale on Thursday and that will kick my rear into gear.

Oh, and I have food pics, I hope to get that caught up this weekend.