I was perusing through the October issue of Real Simple that came in the mail last week and I found this. I decided this would be a fun challenge for the month of October.  It includes 5 meals a week, which is more than I cook now as we usually have events once or twice in the evening.  I decided that the extra food would be okay for taking lunches and eating on the weekends.  I think the best part is that I will be trying things I normally would not.  So today I began the planning to get this started on September 28th.  I went through all the recipes and made a list of all the meats and other items we could buy from Costco.  I also adjusted the meats on a couple to make it more low-calorie or fit something we already had.  I also changed the amount of meat most recipies called for.  I think for a 4 seving meal there does not need to be more than a pound of meat and most of these called for much more.  I then went to the Weight Watchers website and entered all the recipes in the recipe builder.  I have a range from 3 point meals to 12 point meals which means I needed to play with the days they are listed.  I weigh-in Thursday mornings so I like to have the lower point items M-W and eating the higher point meals on Thursday and Friday.  I may make other adjustments to lower the points as I go, but I wanted to get a broad idea for right now.  Also, quite a few meals called for corn bread or baguettes.  I have left those off for now, but may make a whole wheat homemade bread to go with them, I have not decided.  My goal is to blog at the beginng of each week with my plan and then blog each recipe.  We shall see if this slacker blogger can achieve that!

Ok, so my link was defective…