We went to Costco today and bought all of the meat we would need to make all four weeks of meals. My freezers are both exploding! This weeks menu is pretty simple and I did not have to tweak much. All the meals are 6 points with the exception of Wednesday which is 4 points. That is perfect for me as Thursday morning is my weigh in so I like to keep my dinners light on Wednesday. I did change Wednesdays meat from chicken drumsticks to chicken breasts in an effort to make it healtier and I cut out the cornbread. I am not anti-carb and may whip some up that day for the kids to enjoy, but cornbread is not really worth the points for me without a lot of butter, which puts it too high. I also may end up replacing the pitted olives in the tilapia dish for capers as I already have those and forgot olives at the store. I am very excited!