It’s that time of year again 🙂  In celebration of the first day of fall I decided to make something involving pumpkin for tomorrows book club.  My mom had bought me a pumpkin/hayride shaped loaf pan last year at the end of the season on clearance I was dying to try.  I was a bit nervous about this as I have cake pan issues.  I have never been able to get the cake out of the pan in one piece unless I am using an angel food pan. I was detemined to make a cake or a bread in this pan and have it turn out.  I have a “pumpkin” tag in my google reader (if you recall I made a ton of pumpkin puree last fall) with a few recipes I still had not tried.  My friend Jules had made a pumpkin pound cake in a loaf pan and since this pan is really more of a loaf I thought it would be perfect.

Yeah, it does not really photograph well and the glaze makes it hard to see the pumpkin design.  But the most important thing is that it came out of the pan in one piece!


I used the leftover batter to make a couple cupcakes for the kids to enjoy without the glaze.   I think it is funny that Jules mentions hers took longer than 55 min to cook, mine took only about 40 min for the loaf pan and 25 for the cupcakes.  I do have a convection oven though.  Of course, I won’t cut into the loaf until book club tomorrow so it could still be gooey in there! 

Oh, and book club girls… must eat all of this tomorrow night, I cannot take this home with me.  Help a dieting girl out 🙂