Weight Watchers Week….oh who knows anymore…. Tuesday, Jun 9 2009 

I have been doing Weight Watchers for four months now.  As of last Thursday I an down a total of 17.8 pounds!  I am not losing as fast as I secretly hoped, but am okay with that.  I finally fit into my old “fat clothes”.  The clothes that were my fat clothes before I had Eleanor.  I am still 10 lbs heavier, but between yoga, pilates, Biggest Loser Bootcamp, and walking my body a more attractive and slim than it was 10 lbs lighter, and my clothes look better on me.  It makes it easier to be 30 lbs heavier than I want and gives me a high level of motivation to keep going!


Weight Watchers Week #14 Monday, May 4 2009 

Yeah, not good.  Up 1.2 pounds.  So here is the lesson I learned.  Don’t drink three nights in a row, eat bar food, then fatty fast food, your husband’s burgers, on top of a fairly fancy meal, along with staying out until 5 in the morning, and then being too tired all the next week to work out.

Did you catch all that?  Don’t do it.

Back in the game this week.  I did yoga tonight and am looking forward to talking the kids to the park and getting in a good walk tomorrow.  I am hoping to attempt running.  Yes, me.  I have found that running with Eleanor’s stroller is much easier, not sure why.

Weight Watchers Week #11 Sunday, Apr 12 2009 

I am behind on this week.  It was a busy three day weekend!  At my weigh-in Thursday morning  I had lost 1 lb!  This put my out of the 170s and into the 160s!  I have lost over 10 lbs since staring WW at the beginning of Feb.  Of course I feel like I gained it all back with all the Easter festivities this weekend!  Back to working out tomorrow!    I still have the goal to be at 165 by the end of the month.  I can do it!

Weight Watchers Week 10 Friday, Apr 3 2009 

Down 2 lbs!  So I am down from the gain last week.  I am thisclose to the next decade.  Also, I have now lost 5% of my body weight for a total of 9.2 lbs.  My goal is to be to 165 by May 1.

Weight Watchers Week 9 Friday, Mar 27 2009 

A gain.  Up .4 lbs.  I am blaming my period.  Hopefully there is a decent loss next week.  I can’t blame my period every week!!

Weight Watchers Week #8 Thursday, Mar 19 2009 

I lost exactly 1 lb.  I was pretty happy considering I only got in two short workouts this week.  St Paddys day didn’t help….

I am able to wear some of my pre Eleanor fat pants and a couple of my larger bras!  It is nice to at least *start* to get into my normal clothes again.  I have a long road…

My goal is to get a workout in Sat and Sun to make up for this week and then on Monday go back to my normal routine.  I am also going to do my best to cut back on the drinking (****gasp****).  I really need to kick it into gear so I look better by summer.  If I keep that in mind I can do this!

I have a couple meals to blog, hopefully I can do that this weekend.  Ben and I are planning on making sushi tomorrow night. Wish us luck, this is our first time!

Weight Watcher’s Week 7 Friday, Mar 13 2009 

So I started my diet on Sept 1 last year.  By Dec I was down 15 lbs to 175.  I did not lose or gain over the holidays.  I was okay with that.  You read my blog, you know what I was baking.  So in Jan I tried to lose weight again.  Somehow I gained 5.  I was back up to 180.  That was when I joined Weight Watchers.   Let me put this into a bit of perspective for you.  The day I was induced with Corbin, with massive amounts of swelling, I weighed 188.  The day I found I was pregnant with Corbin I weighed126.   I tell you this to explain what I consider normal for me.  The day I found out I was pregnant with Eleanor I weighed 155.  I had gained 20 lbs the previous year while dating Ben.  We liked to eat the yummy Chinese at Pine and Bamboo a little too much.  We drank a little too much.  So I had just begun weight loss mode when I found out about Eleanor.  So I feel like I have been fat for waaay too long.  I don’t expect 126.  I am shooting for 135. 

So this brings me to today’s weigh in.  I was down 2 lb from last week to bring me to 173.4.  A total of 6.6 pounds in 7 weeks.  Since WW considers .5-2 lbs normal I am pretty happy with that.  So I am now the thinnest I have been since having Eleanor.


Oh, and the size 12 pants are getting big and the 10’s are starting to fit.  Considering the majority of my closet it 4-6 I have a ways to go….

Weight Watchers Week 3 Tuesday, Feb 24 2009 

Lost exactly one pound!!  So a total of 3.8 lbs.  Not too bad considering I had a small gain last week.  I was concerned as a I used all of my points.  Every last one.  The weekly, the activity.  All of them.  35 points Friday night on gin and tonic. 

So my goal for this week?  8 activity points.  Considering last week I only got 4, this seems good.  I earned 3 tonight so I am on a roll. 

My goal for the month was to be down to 175.  So that is 1.2 pounds to lose this week.  We shall see…

Weight Watchers Week #2 Monday, Feb 16 2009 

Let’s recap the busy week I had.  Oy.

Monday- McCormick & Schmick

Wendsday-Made red velvet cupcakes

Thursday-at another red velvet cupcake

Friday- yet another cupcake and dinner at Bristol (mmm….lobster ravioli)

Saturday- Pizza and more of that damn red velvet.  And a bottle of wine.

Sunday- costco and the movies…no good can come of either one.

So why did I expect to lose weight at all?  I even went over my weekly points by 2.5.  If I had worked out more than twice this week maybe that would have not been the case.

The results?  +0.4

This knocks down my total weight loss to -2.8.


So my goals for the upcoming week?  Workout at least three times (baby steps), if we get nice enough weather then take the kids for a walk at least once, and don’t use all of my weekly points.